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An entrepreneurial project aimed at spreading knowledge of the diverse Italian coffee scene and creating a meeting point for roasters and consumers.


Founded by Andrej Godina and Mauro Illiano, Camaleonte srlaims at describing the diversity of the Italian food and beverage offer, enhancing and promoting the value of Italian products, while working with an open and inclusive approach through innovative and experiential projects.

Camaleonte’s first publication is the Guide to Italian Coffees and Roasteries, a first edition that will be updated every year. Andrej Godina and Mauro Illiano joined their forces, experiences and background for the creation of this Guide, which draws inspiration from well-established practices in the world of food and wine that are here reinterpreted for the coffee sector.

The Guide to Italian Coffees and Roasteries stems from the authors’ desire to create a new meeting space for roasters and consumers, communicating through a simple, intuitive and innovative language.


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